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Process and Instrumentation Diagrams

We work closely with our clients to develop P&I (Process and Instrumentation) diagrams, select and specify hardware, and meticulously prepare ISA type loop drawings, interconnection drawings, panel fabrication, and wiring diagrams. Our commitment to precision and quality makes us your trusted partner for comprehensive system design and development.

Telemetry System
Design and Installation

We specialize in the end-to-end management of telemetry projects. Our services include designing and layout of telemetry systems, performing radio site selection, and selecting and specifying hardware—including RTUs, radio equipment, solar equipment, and other communications hardware. We conduct radio surveys, manage the process of acquiring licensing, and expertly construct telemetry panels. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing custom installations, ensuring a seamless and tailored solution for your telemetry needs.

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SCADA Systems
Design and Implementation

We excel in comprehensive data collection system solutions. Our services encompass designing and laying out data collection systems, meticulously selecting and specifying computer hardware and software, as well as PLC and RTU hardware and software. We expertly select field instruments and design custom enclosures and consoles. Furthermore, we ensure seamless database connectivity and offer advanced system reporting for collected data, providing you with a complete data management solution.

Networking and Connectivity for
Industrial Needs

We specialize in network and database solutions to enhance your operational efficiency. We are experts in selecting and specifying LAN and WAN equipment, ensuring reliable connectivity. Additionally, we offer database connectivity for process data, streamlining your data management needs for a seamless and robust infrastructure.

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PLC and RTU Programming

Our expertise lies in custom programming and PLC solutions. We ensure the selection of the correct PLC hardware and software tailored to each customer's unique requirements. Our team excels in providing custom PLC programming for a wide range of PLCs, as well as offering custom programming solutions for various RTUs, guaranteeing optimal performance and seamless integration for your specific needs.

Panel Construction

We excel in panel and MCC solutions, whether it's in-house or customer-designed. Our comprehensive services cover construction of panels and MCC equipment, with the option of a UL label upon request. We ensure the precise selection of panel and MCC equipment, and provide expert electrical design to meet your specifications. Our commitment extends to panel and MCC testing, proficient field installation, and thorough commissioning services for all your equipment needs, ensuring reliability and compliance.

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Startup Assistance

Our commitment to excellence extends to advanced control system services. Our team specializes in PLC logic diagnostics, ensuring the optimal performance of your systems. We excel in control loop tuning, fine-tuning your operations for efficiency. Additionally, our staff includes a California "Control Systems" P.E., guaranteeing a high level of expertise for your projects.

System Documentation

We offer comprehensive support for your installed systems. Our services include documentation services to keep your systems well-documented and organized. We also provide thorough field wiring checkout and repair, ensuring the reliability of your systems. Our expertise extends to creating as-built drawings, and we specialize in PLC annotation for existing systems, helping you maintain and enhance your operational efficiency.

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Maintainence Services

We specialize in operator interface solutions. We meticulously select and specify operator interface hardware and software to meet your specific needs. Our expertise extends to crafting custom operator interface software tailored to your requirements, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient system that maximizes your operational performance.

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