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Network Hub and Cable

Eastern Municipal Water District

Provided all design, control panels, drawings, supervisory software, start up, and training for Title 22 tertiary treatment facility. Consists of four Allen-Bradley PLC 5s operating over a fiber optic data highway with peer-to-peer data transfer. A contract was also received to integrate this facility into the Main Plant system of seven PLCs, create multiple master Supervisory workstations, and make major software revisions to existing software.

Trabuco Canyon Water District

Domestic Water

Repaired poorly installed and non-functional "contracted" telemetry system with working FIX system. Replaced Rugid RTU programs for all 12 remote stations with functional programs. Rebuilt/rewired four of the remote stations and provided drawings for work provided.

Image by Sven Piper
Image by Sven Piper

Trabuco Canyon Water District


Provided all design, control panels, drawings, central supervisory software, start up, and training for grass roots Wastewater Treatment Plant utilizing two Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR). Plant control utilized a Reliance Model 30 PLC. Approximately 150 I/O points.
Added seven remote pumping plant RTUs to wastewater treatment plant system via radios and incorporated into existing DMAC FIX system. Approximately 85 I/O points. Installed plant wide highway connecting local Reliance PLC, Modicon PLC, three local Rugid RTUs, seven wastewater Rugid RTUs, 12 domestic water Rugid RTUs. Approximately 120 I/O local points.

Irvine Ranch Water District

Coastal Zone

Contracted to design system of fiber optic/copper/radio communications for connecting pump stations in the coastal zone. Also provided common programming/data passing routines for all stations in the area. Modicon PLC’s used with communications utilizing Modbus Plus.

Image by Sven Piper
Image by Ariel Blanco

Irvine Ranch Water District

Footill Zone

Contracted to design/install new system for pressure control and telemetry for two new housing areas. System consists of 13 Rugid RTUs and tone telemetry for controlling/monitoring various pressure zones via buried cables. System was required to seamlessly connect to existing control system (Modicon PLCs and 900 MHz radios).

City of Redlands

Implemented paging/acknowledgment system for city's domestic water plant alarms. Replaced a failing BIF control/monitoring system for domestic water plant. System replaced with four Rugid RTUs and Wonderware software. Approximately 150 I/O points.


U.S. Navy Wastewater Collection System,
Pearl Harbor, HI

Radio telemetry system consisting of fixed and mobile masters with 56 Rugid RTU remotes for monitoring all Navy sewage lift stations in the Pearl Harbor area. Scada-Vu is the central monitoring software.

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Pipeline telemetry control and data acquisition system. Provided Modicon 584 and 984 PLCs for individual Booster Pumping stations, wells, turnouts, and metering stations (15 stations as of 1995). Central monitoring and remote supervisory computer system (Scada-Vu) for operation of the entire water supply system. Approximately 2,000 I/O points.
Added monitoring hardware and software to allows monitoring total system operation from any station or a remote computer (via phone and radio). Additionally, the system allows inter-tied districts to monitor the system on-line via radio.
Added interface to the districts internal paging system to incorporate telemetry system alarm paging via the existing paging system.
Six Rugid RTU stations have been incorporated into the system to provide monitoring of low I/O count stations and solar sites.
The current system status is available via the internet today.


Nestle Foods Company

Food Division - Trenton, MO.

Modicon 384, 584, and 984 control systems for CHEF MATE processing line, VIENNA SAUSAGE line, and CHILI HASH line. Approximately 3,000 I/O points

Nestle Foods Company

Pet Food Division - St. Joseph, MO.

Modicon 584 and 984 control systems for BUFFET canned pet food, FRISKIES pet food, and FANCY FEAST cat food. Included data interface to plant-wide IBM System/36. Approximately 3,000 I/O points.


Nestle Foods Company

Instant Division - Kokomo, IN.

Modicon 584 control system for BREAKFAST BAR processing line. Approximately 3,000 I/O points.

Potato Processing Division

Modicon 584 and 984 control systems for french fry processing. Scada-Vu used for control of all major processing lines, along with a customized interface to Paradox for plant-wide Information Systems. Approximately 3,000 I/O points per plant.

Othello & Moses Lake, WA and Nampa, ID

Image by Meriç Dağlı

Rohr Industries

Chula Vista & Riverside, CA

Processing tanks control systems. Modicon 584 PLC. Approximately 80 tanks with temperature, pH, conductivity, sodium ion, level, and power control. Scada-Vu supervisory control and monitoring of all analog inputs, alarms, report generation, and long-term trend recording for quality control records. Approximately 2,000 I/O points.
Additions to energy management system included control of space temperatures, lighting, and tank temperatures all dependent of time of day and day of the week activity. Wastewater treatment plant. Modicon 984 PLC. Approximately 200 I/O points.
Wastewater treatment plant. Modicon 984 PLC. Approximately 200 I/O points.
Ceramic waste conversion plant. Modicon 984 PLC. Approximately 200 I/O points.

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Combination telephone dial up/radio system for monitoring all hydrographic data in the Bishop/Owens Valley area. Currently the system consists of a master and 20 remotes, with an additional 40 to 50 stations in the future. All data are logged, recorded, and alarmed at a central site in Bishop using Scada-Vu. BSI developed a custom interface program creates 15 minute gage height files for their water master program and also provides data to the IBM System/36 computer. This IBM System/36 then provides live data (30 minute window) to all workstations within DWP.
A second RTU master and Scada-Vu node were added to their Independence, CA office. This has the additional feature of allowing switching control back and forth between the nodes either manually or automatically in case of failure of the active unit.
System architecture was changed to allow monitoring of entire water system with SCADA nodes gathering data from Bishop and Mojave sites and network wide monitoring of all data, alarms, screens, and trends.
Replaced IBM System/36 with an Oracle server.


City of Colton

Separated city wide domestic/wastewater telemetry system into two systems (required because of unreliable communications and alarming). Reprogrammed wastewater Rugid RTUs to be independent of domestic water system. Implemented paging and voice annunciation of wastewater alarms. Also supplied drawings/program listings for all new and previously installed RTUs in the wastewater system.
Added three additional lift stations to the wastewater telemetry system and updated paging/voice annunciation of alarms.
Added new RTU to wastewater plant headworks to allow alarms/control functions to be common for all wastewater operations.

Solar Turbines Incorporate

San Diego, CA

Scada-Vu supervisory control systems for Modicon 984 PLC-based control of JUPITER GAS TURBINE generators. Installations for BELCO in Bermuda and HELCO in Kona, HI. Operator interface system provided.
Provided discrete and loop control logic for Modicon 984 PLC. Installation for Cat-York steam/power plant. Approximately 200 I/O points.

Solar Panels

City of Los Angeles Terminal Island WTP

San Pedro, CA

Emergency replacement of the existing plant wide minicomputer system (which had failed). Within three days of receiving letter of intent, all initial system PLC hardware was delivered to job site, the first control panel had been re-built, and the first critical system was operational. The replacement consisted of installing four each Allen-Bradley PLC 5/15s and 5/25s, rewiring all I/O, installing an UPS system, and providing a plant-wide Scada-Vu supervisory system utilizing PCs.
Completely replaced the remaining control systems (nine redundant PLCs) in the plant, convert to a redundant fiber optic/copper data highway and a fiber optic computer LAN, provide eight operator workstations, and plan integration into the citywide data acquisition system. Approximately 1,500 I/O points.

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