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About Us

Since March of 1976, Beavens Systems Incorporated (BSI) has been dedicated to providing quality control systems. BSI views quality as a requirement in all phases of the job: including engineering, hardware and software selection, drawings, documentation, start up, training, and maintenance. In addition to complete turnkey systems, BSI can provide any of the aforementioned services individually. It is our goal to provide not only a complete system but also a system that can be easily maintained by the customer.


Beavens Systems is a 25-year veteran in the control systems space. The company's services span design, fabrication, programming, commissioning, troubleshooting, and training for control systems. Though these systems are used across industries, Beavens' primary focus is on water/wastewater SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, comprising 90% of their work. Specifically, these systems involve central computers, a communication medium, RTUs/PLCs (Remote Telemetry Units/Programmable Logic Controllers), and various field sensors and control equipment. Beavens provides modular services that can cover any or all aspects of such systems. Their specialized expertise lies in supporting complete SCADA solutions tailored for water/wastewater management.


  • Select required components like communications equipment, control equipment, data collection equipment, SCADA software

  • Engineer interfaces between field equipment and SCADA system

  • Layout panel equipment and draw logic diagrams


  • On-site system checkout

  • Assist with system testing to satisfy customer/engineer

  • Calibrate sensors, program field equipment

  • Troubleshoot wiring issues


  • Construct and wire small panels

  • Have panel shop fabricate larger panels

  • Install computer equipment

  • Make minor field modifications under customer supervision


  • Program RTU/PLC for required tasks per customer or engineer specifications

  • Configure SCADA system functions like communications, graphics, alarms, data collection, reporting

  • Provide remote system access and MMI programming


  • Provide customized SCADA training at customer site

  • Training on communications, RTU/PLC programming, SCADA configuration, equipment maintenance


  • Provide preventative maintenance service plans

  • Perform regular inspections and diagnostics

  • Install software/firmware upgrades

  • Replace obsolete equipment

  • Offer customer support plans

  • Provide emergency maintenance as needed

Purchase Equipment

  • Purchase and ship required equipment


  • Diagnose and correct issues with communications, wiring, programming, calibration


Past Projects

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383 Van Ness Ave. Suite 1604
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone (310) 376-0506

Fax (310) 376-0599

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